Custom WordPress Development

Get Exactly what you need from a Custom WordPress website

One of the most exciting aspects of WordPress by far the ability to customize each page that is perfect for your client. Whether you need an eCommerce, real estate, membership or just a simple blogging site, you can probably find a quality WordPress theme that provides everything or most of what you need. Not only that, most themes are priced to sell so finding a bargain isn’t usually a problem. However, finding a perfect theme can be difficult.

Theme developers have a very difficult task of making their themes rich enough that everyone will want to buy it but generic enough that anyone can use it. If your primary concern is displaying blog posts, you could spend days looking at all of the WordPress themes that would fit your needs. But what if your primary concern isn’t a blog post? What if your needs aren’t generic?

Custom WordPress development would allow you to take advantage of the most popular web/CMS platform in the world while still getting exactly what you need to deliver your message, sell your product, or engage with your users.

Why choose WordPress for your website?

Complete Customization Control

If you prefer to have the entire website designed, developed and managed and without ever having to log into WordPress for anything, consider it done. But if you prefer the hands-on approach and would like to have complete control over every single detail with the ability to easily change your site’s colors, content, icons, etc., I can do that as well.

I can make any page on your site as customizable as you like. And the best part is you can change what you want customized at any point in the design process. Even after your site is fully developed and live, we can go back and add the ability for you to make changes to any item on any page: icons, slider text, background images, etc.

Highly Efficient

Remember what I said earlier about theme developers needing to make everyone happy? That translates to bloat. From the second you install your theme on your website, you’ll have hundreds or even thousands of lines of code that you’ll never use. It’s not the end of the world, but it’s not efficient. With a custom theme, you’ll have exactly what you need without any extra lines of code. Your website will be a well-oiled machine.

Endless Possibilities

A big disadvantage to using a packaged WordPress theme is you are limited to that theme’s layouts and design. Making major modifications to these themes can often be time consuming, similar to making major modifications to an existing house. With a custom developed theme, you get to design your website from the ground up. You literally have zero limitations. The design and functionality of your site will focus on your business.